A little pot from Colorado

Some Nebraska “ditch weed” mule Polly and I came across on our wagon voyage across America. It’s actually hemp. Grind it up and you get fiber. Smoke it up and you get a headache.

Pssst. Hey, want a little pot from Colorado? It’s legal here.  Be cool. I can hook you up.

Mule Polly and I are visiting Colorado this summer.  We’re raising funds to complete the Lost Sea Expedition. The 4-part series is about Polly and my wagon voyage across America. The series has been selected to premier on Rocky Mountain PBS.

As you know, marijuana is legal here That’s a big deal. Folks are flying in from everywhere to partake in a little cannabis therapy.  Edibles, smokables, and oils. Within days of showing up, mule Polly and I had our first pot experience.

Our first day in town, I hitched mule Polly and drove her in to Ft Collins. There, I met Janis. She’s a donkey and mule fan and we got on great and the next day she shows up at Cache La Poudre Feeds, where I’m staying.

Janis is super friendly and has her friend Marie with her. We’re all having a good time and of course the subject of marijuana comes up and we talk about that and then go on to talk about my favorite subject – me.

But the issue of pot is on the radar and just sorta lingers in my brain. It’s Colorado, right? I’m figuring at any moment, someone is going to whip out a flaming doobie and start passing it around.

One of Janis’ friends says, “hey Janis, go get Bernie that little something you brought him out of your car” and she strolls over to her van.

She comes back and gestures for me to to open my hand. I open it.  She clamps something in to it, her fingers cupped so I can’t see it. Dope style. I feel the crispy rustle of a tiny zip lock baggie in my hand.

I open my hand. “Score!” My first pot from Colorado!

Yes, cupped in my hand was a tiny green finger pot. Attached was a business card that said “A little pot from Colorado”.

A little pot from Colorado
My Colorado pot

Thanks for the pot Janis!

Janis hooking me and Polly up.
Janis hooking me and Polly up. That’s Janis on the left.
The mule approves.
The mule abides.

Wanna score a little pot from Colorado? Janis can hook you up. She’s over at facebook.com/alittlepotfromcolorado/  .A little pot from Janis will cost you $10. On her site, Janis notes that’s a dime bag.





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