Videos, trailers and extras

The Lost Sea Expedition premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS, Amazon Prime and Vimeo. Here are the series and episode trailers.

The rest of the videos

I paid for much of the filming of the Lost Sea Expedition by selling books out of my wagon and accepting donations from folks along the way. You see, Public TV,  though a great institution, does not pay me to air the Lost Sea Expedition.

That meant, when it came to pay for audio engineering ($5,000) and Errors and Ommissions  Insurance (($3,200) Polly and I hit the road. We spent June 2018 visiting folks in Colorado with our wagon to raise the needed funds.

Here, in no particular order, are some videos from that period.

Bits and Pieces

Film making is just stringing ever longer pieces of moving pictures together. Here are some snippets and random thoughts from the series.