Welcome to the Wagon Work Week

Bernie's office.
Monday greetings from my office – the Lost Sea Expedition mule wagon.

It’s Monday in Ft Collins. I’m in my office. Like everyone else at work, it’s gonna be 8 hours of phoning, emailing and chasing highest priorities (I use the Franklin/Covey system).  Only difference is my office is 21 square feet, solar powered and pulled by a mule. Yep, I’m working out of the Lost Sea Expedition mule wagon.   Here’s what’s up this week.

The week ahead

The Lost Sea Expedition will air on Rocky Mountain PBS  (RMPBS). RMPBS is a great Public TV broadcaster. However, they don’t pay me to air the Lost Sea Expedition TV series.  It’s up to me to fund the entire production and distribution. That’s why I’m working so hard to find underwriters, corporate sponsors, individuals and foundations that would be interested in helping bring this amazing series to Public Television.

So far, the response has been great, especially among individual donors. Thanks for your donations Gabby, Mark, Alison, Justin and Angela! And these are just the folks that stepped up in the last 24 hours. Check out the Supporters page for a sense of how many other folks are helping out.

Coffee Mug.
Justin and Angela scored a hand signed Lost Sea Expedition mug for their gift. You can check out the premium list here.

Still, I’ve got a long way to go. Just to get the series up to Public TV broadcast specs is going to take $20k (yes, $20,000). That’s to cover things like Errors and Omission insurance and technical broadcast specs. That doesn’t even begin to cover the cost of filming and producing the 4-part series.

So this week, as I’ve done every week for the past 3 months, I get out my planning book, three ring binder and get busy contacting potential underwriters. Right now, the priority is contacting leads based in Colorado. Some national leads are being pursued as well.

Lead book and planner
My lead book and daily planner.

The cool things is that my office on the road is the same wagon that starred in the upcoming TV series.  It’s 100% solar powered.  When I need a break from writing pitch letters, I just step out in to that brisk Colorado air and pet mule Polly who often lingers just outside “corporate  headquarters”.

My office
Look closely and you can see mule Polly. She may be avoiding me after pulling the wagon across America.

Want to pitch in?

Here’s how you can help.

Got any leads on potential underwriters? Think of any corporations, foundations and individuals that would like to partner with the Lost Sea Expedition series. The largest underwriters will have their names appear on Rocky Mountain PBS when the series runs, before and after every segment airs.  Good, now that I’ve got you thinking, drop me a line.

Or hell,  just visit my office over at Cache La Poudre Feeds on Overland outside Fort Collins. No appointment neccesary!

Or, if you’d like to make a gift toward the Lost Sea Expedition series, just hit that yellow Donate button.  You’d literally be putting the “Public” in to Public Television.


And finally (man, I’m leaning on you hard, eh? You can tell I’m in “pitch” mode…!) if you’re enjoying the LostSeaExpediton.com site, just spread the word.

Have a great day at work!

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