Meet the Director, Producer and Team

Amazing how many people it takes to turn a voyage about one man walking across America in to a TV series.  Here’s the team.

Director: Bernie Harberts

Bernie in front of his wagon (Kirk Gillon photo)

Bernie filmed the Lost Sea Expedition series as he walked across America with his mule Polly. Working with a strong team of collaborators, Bernie edited the footage he capture from his wagon in to the Lost Sea Expedition series.

He lives in western North Carolina. When not directing, he still enjoys driving mule Polly to her jog cart. He writes about his travels at

Producer: Julia Carpenter

Julia and Pickle taking a Producer’s break.

Julia tackles the wide range of decisions and logistics that go in to producing the Lost Sea Expedition series. Responsibilities include fundraising, promotion, distribution and editing decisions.

Prior to becoming a producer, she studied at Boston University.  She did her graduate work at Tufts and UNH and holds a Masters in Wildlife Conservation. She has worked in the international wildlife  conservation field.

When not producing, Julia enjoys painting and working with her pony Pickle. Her paintings can be viewed at

Consulting: Will and Deni McIntyre

Will and Deni filming the PBS series David Holt’s State of Music (Will and Deni McIntyre photo)

Will and Deni are documentary filmmakers and photographers based in Henderson County in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. They have traveled in upwards of 80 countries working for magazines, corporations, photo and film agencies and non-profit organizations.

They have contributed throughout the series, from initial gear selection to final cut.

 Their latest PBS series, David Holt’s State of Music,  received an Emmy nomination for 2015 in the category “Documentary— Cultural” for the  Mid South region.

Will & Deni Films, part of Will & Deni Media Inc., creates award-winning documentaries, music videos, and TV commercials.

Illustrations: Charlie Frye

Charlie Frye (Charlie Frye photo)

Western North Carolina folk artist Charlie Frye painted 30-plus original illustrations for the Lost Sea Expedition series.  His signature style is wild strokes of bold acrylic applied to everyday objects: pots, pans, shingles, doors, windows and the occasional pickup.

Frye shows  and sells his work extensively, participating in the Fearrington Village Folk Art Show (NC), Finster Fest (GA), and the Kentuck Festival of Art (AL).

More on Charlie’s role in painting the Lost Sea is here.  Catch up with him at Folk Keeper Gallery and Antiques.

Audio Engineering: Chris Peck

When your recording studio is a mule wagon, you better have a great audio engineer handling post-production. Enter Chris Peck.

Chris has years of audio engineering experience.  He’s  comfortable working with ambient audio and interviews captured outdoors, away from controlled studio conditions. That makes him the ideal candidate to capture the “sound” of a wagon voyage across America.

Chris has worked as audio engineer on our consultants Will and Deni McIntyre’s David Holt’s State of Music PBS series.

Chris provides studio, location and post-production services for music, film, TV, radio and web.  His award-winning projects may be heard in the following locations: Discovery / Science Channel,  PBS / nationally, UNC-TV, Nonesuch Records, Wake Forest University Documentary Film Program, UNCSA, WFDD, WSNC, WSJS.

He lives in Colorado.

Web Developer: Christian Harberts

Christian brings 20-plus years of web development and design to the Lost Sea Expedition.  He understands that if a TV series is to be a success, it must have a strong online presence.  Christian designed and hosts the website. His job is to make sure visitor interactions – from newsletter signup to DVD purchase, run smoothly.

He lives in Paris, is a passionate barefoot marathoner and inventor of TrailBall.

Web Hosting: Keith Smith

Keith is an independent IT and web consultant.  A former president of Wegener Communications, Keith provided server and web support for all phases of the Lost Sea Expedition – from concept, to voyage to post-production.  Together with wife Melinda Penkava and staff, Keith operates news.