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Rocky Mountain PBS premiers the Lost Sea Expedition

The Lost Sea Expedition premiers January 4, 2018 on Rocky Mountain PBS (Colorado). Rebroadcast July 2018.


EQUUS Film Festival

October 14, 2018: the Lost Sea Expedition series is accepted in to the EQUUS Film Festival (November 29 – December 2 in Brooklyn, NY).  Talk about a long ride  – from the bottom of a vanished sea to the bright lights of the Big Apple.

Tickets and info at

The Horse magazine

The Horse is one of England’s leading equine health care magazines. Author Christa Lesté-Lasserre takes a in-depth look at how mule Polly stayed healthy on her walk across America. A fascinating read covering everything from feet to feed to nosefiles.

Full article at:

Original “The Horse” article:

Horse Talk Radio

Glen and Jamie of the Horse Radio Network’s “Horses in the Morning” show discuss the Lost Sea Expedition. We talk wagon construction, messages in a tumbleweed and life in a 21-square foot wagon.

Carolina Hoofbeats

“Carolina Hoofbeats” host Rose Cushing explores the motives and and stories behind the Lost Sea Expedition TV series. You’ll meet mule Polly and tour the wagon she pulled from Canada to Mexico.
When: Sunday,July 29 2018  / 7:30am

Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter book

Lloyd Kahn is best known for writing the “Shelter” section of the iconic 1960’s  Whole Earth Catalogue.  Lloyd shared the wagon voyage behind the  Lost Sea Expedition in his best selling Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter book (pp. 188–189).

Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter is available directly from lloyd Kahn at

The Shelter Blog

Lloyd Kahn brings the Lost Sea Expedition to the Shelter Blog

Tiny House Blog “Lost Sea Expedition” series

The Tiny House Blog: perfect for a series about life on the road in a 21-square foot wagon.
The Tiny House Blog: perfect for a series about life on the road in a 21-square foot wagon. It’s here at

The Coloradoan newspaper

Fort Collins, CO

Reporter Kevin Duggan spends time with mule Polly and me in Fort Collins, Colorado.  This piece digs in to the mission of the Lost Sea Expedition and throws in a decapitated palm tree to boot.

Read about it here.

Self Talk Radio Show interview

Think the United States aren’t so united anymore? Then join Self Talk Radio Show host Sarah Spencer as we delve in to America, adventure and why you should set off in life before you’re 100% ready.  Grab that cuppa and join me over at the Self Talk Radio Show podcast.   (

The Long Riders Guild website

The Long Riders Guild is the world’s first association for equine explorers. Here is where you can read a beautiful in-depth Q&A with the Guild about the Lost Sea Expedition.

The Long Riders Guild’s review of the Lost Sea Expedition is here.


Long Riders Guild site
Want to ride a horse across America? Patagonia? The Long Riders Guild is the go-to source for long distance equine travel.

Our State Magazine magazine

UNC-TV (North Carolina Public TV) and Our State magazine aired a segment called “Mulerider/To the Lighthouse”. It was about a trip mule Polly and I took through eastern North Carolina. Turns out wagon travel on Public TV is really popular. “Mulerider” wins a regional Emmy award.

Read the article here

Horse Talk New Zealand /

Here’s the Southern Hemisphere edition of the Lost Sea Expedition on

Washington Daily News newspaper

Washington Daily News
Washington Daily News

“Kind of like the ice cream truck.” That’s how Emmy-award winning Director Morgan Potts describes the effect mule Polly’s wagon has on people.

Morgan talks about what it was like shooting the Emmy-award winning “Mulerider” program. The program was about a mule wagon voyage mule Polly and I took in eastern North Carolina.  Read the article, and all about the ice-cream truck effect, here.

Hungarian Publication Lovas Nemzet“Equestrian Nation” /

 The Lost Sea Expedition in the Hungarian equine publication