Bernie Harberts Lost Sea Expedition Thanks sign.
Thanks for your donation! I painted this sign just for you Christy, Mark, Jean, Sarah…..

Here is the list of generous associations, companies and individuals that are stepping forward to bring the Lost Sea Expedition to Public TV.

Thanks for pulling with us!



Fiscal Sponsorship Provided by The International Documentary Association
Fiscal Sponsorship Provided by The International Documentary Association


Bob’s Red Mill is a leading miller of diverse whole-grain foods.


Pioneer Equipment
Pioneer Equipment is one of America’s largest manufacturers of equine powered equipment.
Vermont Chalky Paint is mined, manufactured & made in Vermont. More about non-toxic Vermont Chalky Paint at
Profile Feeds specializes in high quality feeds ground on site at their Fort Collins mill.


Aine Ui Ghiollagain
Alison Basile
Athletes in Tandem, Inc.
Barbara Carpenter
Barry Antel
Beth and Mike Altchek
Bob and Karen Biles
Bob Skelding
Bryson Kiser
Captain “Natural Lee” Young
Chris Murray
Christian Harberts
Christopher Strom
Christy Neiman
Craig and Kristin Forbest
Dan Wendel
Dawn Gonick
Deborah Bratschi
Dennis Vanderheiden
Diane Bullock
Edna Bailey
Eileen Walsh
Elisabeth Harberts
Emily Hollerbach
Emma Forbes
Fay Cotton
Frank and Jennifer Roe
Gabby Root
Grace Barney
Hatdie and Tom Callaghan
Heidi Pohle
James Armstrong
Janette Irving
Janis Smith
Jean Pedrick
John Taylor
Julia Carpenter
June and Connor O’Brien
June Somerford Williamson
Justin Ratzlaff
Kate Mabie
Katie Cooper
Keith Smith and Melinda Penkava
Ken Laser and Wendy Osserman
Ken Temple
Joan Woodward
Larry Keckler
Linda Bittner
Lutrelle O’Cain
Margaret Maier
Marie Bryant
Mark McBride
Mark Reinke
Mary Kincaid
Nancy Lee
Nicholas Parker
Pam Valente
Patricia Gabriel
Ralph Fehlberg
Robert Coleman
Rudolf Schweizer
Sandy Walker
Scott Hitt
Sebastian Carpenter
Susan Tharpe
Tama Smith
Tania Elizabeth
The Burkett Family
Tollie Mitchell
Troy Rohweder
Wendy Stein