Reviews from Folks

What they’re saying about the Lost Sea Expedition

It was great to get this independent story into our broadcast schedule!

Rocky Mountain PBS

Great Stuff! Very Entertaining!
Bob Swerer / Alone in the Wilderness

It is brilliant!

5 minutes in and I’m mesmerized!  

Polly Bennet

I didn’t want it to end. 

Kristi Elmore Holland


I can’t wait to own the DVD!

Shannon Hoffman

A global message

The story of a man who represents the ideals that once defined America around the world: principles not profits, integrity not ego, truth not deception, personal courage not ethical cowardice. 

Cuchullaine O’Reilly / The Long Riders Guild

The history and humor are sure to both educate and entertain.

Julie Speer / Rocky Mountain PBS

A powerful journey that’s definitely worth taking. 

I had Bernie on as a guest on “Self Talk Radio Show” before I had seen his documentary. He represents what’s in us all: The Seeker. Bernie pairs vision with ingenuity; showing how the power of belief unites (and sometimes divides…) us all.  /

Sarah Spencer / “Self Talk Radio Show”

I would give it 10 stars if I could!

Wonderful film and well put together!!! It is defiantly worth watching! I cannot wait to watch the next episode!

Priscilla Horton

As a passionate mule person this story is not only incredible but inspirational!

My hats off to Bernie and his sacrifices and dedication to make this journey to share with us!

Eric Parmer

Bravo, More, please.

Hope the series sparks an increased interest in America’s prehistoric landscape – especially the Lost Sea – still being uncovered today. Videography is well done and well edited. Narration is clear enough that I didn’t need sub-titles to help me listen. 

Jan Irving

I watched the first installment last night and really loved it!

Leora Akiva

A remarkable video about a man exploring the Great Plains in a mule-drawn wagon.

I am impressed by the story and also the technical quality of the video, which he shot himself. I also love the illustrations by Charlie Frye of Lenoir, NC.

Margaret Allen

My family loved the Lost Sea Expedition. I mean wow!

Thank you so much for sharing. We have tried to keep up with your adventures over the years and look forward to more.

Michelle Welborn

Very Interesting series. Bernie and Polly are very determined with a lot of great education on the Lost Sea..can’t wait for the finale!

Bryon Liddell