Mule Walking Tour of Fort Collins, CO

Mule Polly at radar.
5 miles per hour in a 30 zone: It’s not that we’re slow, it’s that everyone is going too fast. How mule Polly and I justify going 25 miles per less than the posted speed limit heading in to Fort Collins, CO.

Today mule Polly visited downtown Fort Collins, CO. We’re in town raising funds to get the Lost Sea Expedition series  aired on Rocky Mountain PBS. First off, a huge thank you to Kate Mabie, Nancy Lee, Sandy Walker and Dennis Vanderheiden for their donations.  Those gifts will go toward having the series closed-captioned ($2,500) as per Public Broadcast requirements. Now let’s look at some pictures from today!

Bernie walking in to Fr Collins with mule Polly
Ho dee hum…. I’m just walking in to Fort Collins pretending like it’s normal for a 49 year old man to walk in to a city with his mule. Maybe if I look ahead, nobody will notice me. It didn’t work because….
Equinox brewery
…people in this town are really friendly! Better yet, they think it’s cool for a man to walk up the street with his 22 year old mule. Here Mike and Chris welcome Polly and me to the Equinox brewery. Hell yeah we went inside for a drink. Next time you’re there, go for the Ghost Rider IPA (apologies guys if I got the name wrong.)
Mule Polly rests in Ft Collins.
Since Polly and I were already downtown, I figured it was a good Idea to introduce ourselves to the Fort Collins Police department. ’cause when a guy with a yellow mule wagon travels through a town, somebody’s going to call the cops. They were cool about it. By day’s end, I’d even caught up with Todd Dangerfield and Joanna Stone of the Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority. Who knew a mule would draw such an administrative crowd?
Big city, small mule. Mule Polly in front of the Bohemian Foundation.
Big city, small mule. Mule Polly in front of the Bohemian Foundation.  Pat, did you get your coffee mug and letter?
Polly waits.
Lots of folks volunteered to watch Polly while I stepped away on various minor missions. Hey Kristin, thanks for watching Polly on your lunch break.
Polly being watched.
Okay, so Polly got lots of attention. Here she gets some lovin’ (and a carrot and lettuce leaf – not shown) from Tuesday and Oakley. They work at the Co-op next to the Bohemian Foundation. Great sandwich guys!
Polly heads home.
Heading home. After a few hours and missions in town, Polly and I head back to Cache La Poudre Feeds. Thanks Ron and Cathy Treiber. for hosting us.
Bernie at Polly's house.
Okay, so we had to make one more stop on the way home. I just love a purple house. The owner’s name was Polly Bennett. It was a fun intro. “Polly, meet Polly. Polly, meet Polly.” Thanks for the water Polly.

To everyone in Ft Collins that visited with mule Polly and me today, hey, we had a blast. A tip o’ the hat to Bonnie for the apple cinnamon cookies.  Thanks, too, to everyone who made a donation to the Lost Sea Expedition series.  It’s great having you along for the ride.

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  1. Man, sure looks like you are trying your hardest. So nice you’ve meant so many kind and generous people, giving their time and what they can to your effort. Hats off to all of you that have help this guy and his mule. Colorado is sure made up of some great folks.

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