Lost Sea Expedition Program

Fancy a sail around the world and across the Lost Sea? Join me tonight for the Lost Sea Expedition in Oriental, NC. 7:30p – 8:30p (doors open at 7) at Oriental’s Old Theater. Five bucks gets you in the door and those Lincolns go toward the Lost Sea Expedition on Public Television. The Old Theater, 609 Broad St, Oriental, NC 28571

Snaking logs with mule Polly

I’ve been getting Polly in shape these past weeks. Some days I hitch her to the Lost Sea Expedition wagon and we do the mail box run. Other days we haul firewood. I felled the trees last winter while the sap was down. Makes them easier to dry. Most years I used the tractor to haul the logs to the wood shed. This year, I used Polly. Check out the video. Stay ’til the end and I’ll invite you to a wood cooked meal!

Friday, May 26 7p Lost Sea Expedition program Oriental, NC

I’ve started many of my voyages in Oriental, NC, from a solo circumnavigation to a mule voyage across America. Join me at the The Old Theater, Friday, May 26, 7:30 – 8:30p (doors open 7p) for a program about the Lost Sea Expedition  Public TV series.  There’ll be sailing footage from my solo circumnavigation and how that inspired me to set off exploring the Lost Sea. Come learn about life in a solar powered prairie schooner, how the Lost Sea Expedition was filmed without a film crew and the best ways to chase down a mule. $5 (helping cover Public TV costs). No life jacket required.

In the meantime, here’s a great straight-off-the-boat-after-many-days-at-sea story (complete with photos of me sobbing) TownDock.net did shortly after I finished sailing alone around the world.

Mule Wagon Mail Run

In preparation for my next wagon voyage with Polly (more on that soon) I’ve been working her to the harness most every day of the week. This week she dragged fire wood logs from the forest. Thing is, her shoulders are still soft from lack of work. So, to give the hide a chance to thicken up, I hitched her to the wagon for a light workout. Just a wee road trip down the drive to get the mail. What a relaxing way to end the work week. Have a great weekend!

Rocky Mountain PBS to Air Lost Sea Expedition

Rocky Mountain PBS is based in Denver, Colorado.

Great news. Rocky Mountain PBS has agreed to broadcast the Lost Sea Expedition, the documentary about my Canada to Mexico wagon with mule Polly.

It’s fitting that an old school Public Television station would be the first to pick up the wagon voyage series.  KRMA, Rocky Mountain PBS’s flagship station in Denver, Colorado, is the oldest public television station in the Rocky Mountains.

The broadcast area overlaps the Colorado part of our 2,500 mile journey down the Great Plains.

We’ll keep you posted of when the series will air. Right now, though, since Public Television doesn’t pay for content, we need to raise funds to complete the series. We could sure use your help.

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Leatherwood Mule Days May 4 – 7 Ferguson, NC

Your invitation to Leatherwood Mule Days 2017
Your invitation to Leatherwood Mule Days 2017

LeatherWood Mule Days Update

Friday, 7p: Join me for a Mule Days Movie night. We’ll be taking a look at some footage of the “Lost Sea Expedition” series.

Sat 11: Meet mule Polly and tour the solar powered Lost Sea Expedition wagon she pulled from Canada to Mexico.

Sat/Sun: “How to Leg Picket” demo and discussion.  In case you’re wondering, this is for mules. Humans welcome.

Hey there Long Ears. Save the date: May 4 -7. That’s Leatherwood Mule Days in Ferguson, NC.

Join us. Rub a mule’s ears. Dance under the stars. If you’re feeling really limber, pretzel yourself up and crawl in to the Lost Sea Expedition mule wagon. Yes, mule Polly, who pulled that wagon 2,500 miles from Canada to Mexico for the Lost Sea Expedition series on Rocky Mountain PBS will be there. Plenty of other folks, too – mule riders, horse lovers and ordinary people.

Leaving the farm by wagon.
Heading down my driveway to Leatherwood. This was a few years back. Julia and I are riding in the wagon up front. Mules Polly and Sandy are pulling. Riding drag, my buddy Ronald Hudson and Billie Stevenson. Polly and the rest of the gang will be joining us again this year.

In layman’s terms, Leatherwood is located at the base of the mountains that are home to Boone and Blowing Rock, NC. That means incredible green valleys like Montana and cool nights like New England. All right here in western North Carolina. Plenty of room to park your camper or horse trailer. There’s primitive camping, too, for the rest of us. That’s where we’ll be camping.

So dial these directions in to your mule wagon or GPS and visit with us!

512 Meadow Road
Ferguson, NC 28624
Ph: 800-4NC-MTNS (462-6867)


Solar Panel Mule Wagon

The Lost Sea Expedition as viewed from a New Mexican wind mill. The dark square is the 100-watt panel that charged all my recording and filming equipment.
The Lost Sea Expedition wagon as viewed from a New Mexican wind mill tower. The dark shape on the roof is the 100-watt panel that charged all my recording and filming equipment during the 14-month voyage across America.

The Lost Sea Expedition is the first documentary filmed from a solar powered mule wagon. Over the next few posts, I want to share some of the tech that allowed me to film the 4-part documentary using pretty much only the power of the sun. Today, let’s look at the solar panels that breathed the spark of life in to my recording equipment.

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Preppin’ For Leatherwood Mule Days

Bernie Harberts trims his mule Polly's mane with scissors.
Caaaarefuuuuullll with those scissors. Polly waits patiently as I trim her forelock for Leatherwood Mule Days. From her calm eye, you can tell she knows there’s a head rub waiting when the job is done.

I sharpened the scissors. I caught mule Polly.  Then I trimmed her mane and tail and took a swipe at her toes.
Man, she’s as spiffed up as mule can be for Leatherwood Mule Days. I’m already thinking Coon Jump, pasture camping and starlight dancing.

I hope you can join us and here’s how you can do it.

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