Sunday Morning Paint Job

Sand dust on Bernie's hand.
Stay Calm. Paint On. Sanding my wagon this Sunday morning.

It’s 7:00a Sunday morning. I should be freaking out. In less than 24 hours, I load mule Polly on to my trailer and we head to Colorado. That’s 1,500 miles way from North Carolina. We don’t have a clue where we’re staying each of the 4 nights on the road. Instead of panicking, I’m going to paint my wagon. Continue reading “Sunday Morning Paint Job”

Heading to Colorado


Mule Polly and I are getting ready for a 1,500 mile road trip to Denver, CO. We live in Lenoir, NC.

In recent posts, I’ve alluded to getting mule Polly in shape for an upcoming trip. Pulling logs for firewood, driving her to the mailbox. Here’s the real reason I’m muscling her up. Mule Polly, the Lost Sea Expedition wagon and I are heading back to Colorado.

The Lost Sea Expedition, the 4-part series about my Canada to Mexico wagon voyage, has been chosen to premier on Rocky Mountain PBS.  I figured in the months leading up to broadcast, it would be great to take mule Polly and the wagon on the road in Colorado. Meet with folks where the Lost Sea Expedition series will run. Visit with underwriters and viewers. Give wagon tours. Hell, maybe even give some slide shows on the wagon awning.

Bernie and his mule Polly on the Colorado state line.
Mule Polly and I arrive in Colorado during the Lost Sea Expedition wagon voyage from Canada to Mexico. The 2,500 mile voyage took 14 months.

So when do I leave? Soon. I’m thinking it will take a few more days of  packing and tending to the farm. Then it’s time to hit the road!

Here’s the rig I’m hauling Polly out to Colorado aboard. Yep, that’s my trusty 1992 Dodge hauling a home made-(ish) trailer. You can see the yellow Lost Sea Expedition wagon aboard.

Right now, things are sort of crazy getting ready. The transmission on my Dodge just got rebuilt after a quarter century of faithful service. I need to a vet certificate for mule Polly to ease her way across state lines.  Still, I’ll be posting details of our voyage out to Colorado. Who knows, maybe we can catch up on the way!


I’m embarrassed. I’ve been so focused on fund raising for the Lost Sea Expedition TV series that I failed to notice friends have been hitting that  yellow “Donate” button. Soooooo….a hearty Thank You to everyone who’s chipped in! Now you can check out your name on the page. Oh, Thanks again!

Charlie Frye painting on the big screen

The world’s biggest Frye: Charlie Fye’s painting of a mosasaur. This marine lizard swam in the ancient sea that once covered Kansas. The image projected on a theater screen is much larger than the image painted on a board. (Oriental, NC)

Folk artist Charlie Frye painted all the paintings for the Lost Sea Expedition series. During last weekend’s Lost Sea Expedition program in Oriental, NC, we projected some on stage. They looked huge (and great!).  That’s me sitting on the stage. Now I know what it feels like to be a baitfish.

Oriental Thanks

Big Jack: Oriental dog-about town Jack of fame made an on screen appearance during Friday night’s performance.

Great big thanks to the 70-plus folks that attended Friday night’s Lost Sea Expedition program.  We’re currently raising $20k (yes, $20,000) to get the 4-part series up to Public TV specs.  Last night’s coverage charge ($5 per head) and donations all went directly toward that goal. We’ve now raised $9k. Only $11k to go……..!

The Old Theater in Oriental, NC. It was a real rush to take to the stage shared by legendary acts like Leon Redbone, Roger McGuinn of the Byrds and John McEuen of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Thanks to Lynn and Art Whalen for setting us up at the Old Theater. Kudos to Keith Smith and Melinda for getting the word out on

This coming week mule Polly and I get back to training. More on the upcoming road trip soon.

Lost Sea Expedition Program

Fancy a sail around the world and across the Lost Sea? Join me tonight for the Lost Sea Expedition in Oriental, NC. 7:30p – 8:30p (doors open at 7) at Oriental’s Old Theater. Five bucks gets you in the door and those Lincolns go toward the Lost Sea Expedition on Public Television. The Old Theater, 609 Broad St, Oriental, NC 28571

Snaking logs with mule Polly

I’ve been getting Polly in shape these past weeks. Some days I hitch her to the Lost Sea Expedition wagon and we do the mail box run. Other days we haul firewood. I felled the trees last winter while the sap was down. Makes them easier to dry. Most years I used the tractor to haul the logs to the wood shed. This year, I used Polly. Check out the video. Stay ’til the end and I’ll invite you to a wood cooked meal!