Steving Meats and Chestnut Hill Thanks

Mule Polly tied for the night
Boondocking. Mule Polly picketed for the night on the banks of a drained Colorado impoundment.  I spent the next night with some fine folks in Kersey, a few hours’ drive up the road.

Quick shout-out to Jay and Karin Archer (Steving Meats Co) and the Chestnut family of Chestnut Hill farm of Kersey, CO.  I was passing through Kersey with my truck and trailer and mule Polly. The hour was getting late. These fine folks hooked Polly and me up with a place to stay. This was a classic case of just stopping on the side of the road and asking where a man and his mule could spend the night. No smart phone pre-planning involved. Thanks for the 23 eggs guys. I’m down to 18!

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