Breakfast Sound Check

Mule Polly and the Creston dinosaur.
Sure, Polly and the dinosaurs can eat grass for breakfast. But what about the humans we met on our wagon voyage across America? I asked them and recorded their replies. (Creston, SD)

What did you have for breakfast? If you took care of a dinosaur, would you have the same breakfast as a retired lady bronc rider?As I traveled across the Great Plains in my wagon, I made lots of field recordings. Along with the film footage,they would become the Lost Sea Expedition TV series. At the start of each audio recording session, I  had to set the audio levels on my recorder. You know how folks say, “testing, testing, testing” when the set the microphone level? Yeah, I thought that was pretty lame, too. So I started asking folks what they had for breakfast.

I strung all those bits together for you. They’re fun to listen to and give a neat insight in to how the people of the Great Plains start their day.

Harvey McPerson in front of the giant green dinosaur.
Harvey McPherson lives next to one of America’s largest dinosaurs. It’s green, huge and made of…cement. Harvey is the second voice on the recording. (Creston, SD)


Hobbit the hobo with his motorcycle card. (Broken Bow, NB)
Hobbit: he was black with dust when I met him in Broken Bow, Nebraska. He’d ridden a coal train in to town. He showered and found a carnie job the same day I met him. Then he  told me Goofy’s biker secrets and vanished on a train. (Broken Bow, NB)
George McKillip was 92 lived in a sod house when I met him.
George McKillip was 92 when I met him. Born in a Nebraska sod house and still living in a soddie. Just him and the lizards. His is the second to last voice. (Brewster, NB)

In speaking order, they are newspaper publisher Dan Epp, Creston dinosaur caretaker Harvey McPherson, paleontologist Mike Everhart, the self-proclaimed railway hobo known as Hobbit, whole foods vegetarian Kathleen Ann, paleontologist Chuck Bonner, Chuck’s wife Barbara, sod house dweller George McKillip and 1950s champ lady bare bronc rider Twila Merrill . You can have a closer look at some of these folks in this post on Faces.

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