The Lost Sea Expedition in Hungary

Lovas Nemzet – “Equestrian Nation” – covers Hungarian things equine from riding, driving and racing to horse care and, in this issue, the Lost Sea Exepedition TV series.

Let’s pull the cork on that bottle of Hungarian Tokaji aszu you’ve been hoarding.  This morning  CuChullaine O’Reilly of The Long Riders’ Guild informs me his article on the Lost Sea Expedition has been published in the Hungarian equestrian magazine Lovas Nemzet. This brings back stormy memories of my youth, Hungary, wine and my mom.

During the 1970s, my mother Lislott Harberts, decided it would be adventurous to go riding in Hungary. No, not alone. But rather with small groups of US riders. These were informal trips, just her and her friends riding for 2 week stretches through Hungary.
Every time she returned, she regaled us with adventure of trees falling down in storms (while they were drinking wine), of rivers flooding (while they were drinking wine) of lightening bolts, (while, well, you know what they were doing).
My mom’s wine glasses. No, that’s not a fine Hungarian Egri Csillag white blend. It’s box wine.
What emerged was this lovely tapestry of romantic Hungarian visuals that may or may not be grounded in anything factual.
So to have the Lost Sea Expedition story come out in the Hungarian press is amazing. To think that my humble story would be read by these dashing Hungarian equine adventurers – all who I imagine are dodging crashing trees, flooding rivers and lightening bolts….without spilling a drop from their wine glasses… Well, that’s just marvelous!


This is the second time the Lost Sea Expedition has appeared in the international press (the first was in the New Zealand equine publication).

And now, to celebrate, I’m off to drink a glass of wine with mule Polly.  Cheers Polly and my Hungrarian friends!

Polly, box wine mule. She prefers the grapes. I prefer the wine.

Great big thanks to CuChullaine of The Long Riders’ Guild and Boglárka Vajda of

You’ll find the original Long Riders’ Guild article right here.

You can also read CuChullaine’s review of the Lost Sea Expedition series here.

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