The Long Riders’ Guild review of the Lost Sea Expedition

The Long Riders Guild is the world's foremost site for equine explorers.
The Long Riders’ Guild is the world’s foremost site for equine explorers. They are  also the source of the world’s most comprehensive book on horse travel, the “Horse Travel Handbook”.  Highly recommended by me.

How do you ride a horse across America… or Mongolia or South America? First thing you do is contact the Long Riders’ Guild.  I did just that a few years ago when I set off to ride my mule Woody from Atlantic to Pacific ocean. Thanks in large part to the Guild, that 13 month journey was a success.

This week, the Long Riders’ Guild published a review of the Lost Sea Expedition TV series.  When you’re done reading that, be sure to check out the in-depth Q&A session here.  Thanks Cuchullaine and Basha for taking the time to explain the importance of the Lost Sea Expedition.  I urge anyone interested in equine travel to visit  Now peel yourself away from the screen and go saddle up for your own Long Ride!

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