Leatherwood Mule Days May 4 – 7 Ferguson, NC

Your invitation to Leatherwood Mule Days 2017
Your invitation to Leatherwood Mule Days 2017

LeatherWood Mule Days Update

Friday, 7p: Join me for a Mule Days Movie night. We’ll be taking a look at some footage of the “Lost Sea Expedition” series.

Sat 11: Meet mule Polly and tour the solar powered Lost Sea Expedition wagon she pulled from Canada to Mexico.

Sat/Sun: “How to Leg Picket” demo and discussion.  In case you’re wondering, this is for mules. Humans welcome.

Hey there Long Ears. Save the date: May 4 -7. That’s Leatherwood Mule Days in Ferguson, NC.

Join us. Rub a mule’s ears. Dance under the stars. If you’re feeling really limber, pretzel yourself up and crawl in to the Lost Sea Expedition mule wagon. Yes, mule Polly, who pulled that wagon 2,500 miles from Canada to Mexico for the Lost Sea Expedition series on Rocky Mountain PBS will be there. Plenty of other folks, too – mule riders, horse lovers and ordinary people.

Leaving the farm by wagon.
Heading down my driveway to Leatherwood. This was a few years back. Julia and I are riding in the wagon up front. Mules Polly and Sandy are pulling. Riding drag, my buddy Ronald Hudson and Billie Stevenson. Polly and the rest of the gang will be joining us again this year.

In layman’s terms, Leatherwood is located at the base of the mountains that are home to Boone and Blowing Rock, NC. That means incredible green valleys like Montana and cool nights like New England. All right here in western North Carolina. Plenty of room to park your camper or horse trailer. There’s primitive camping, too, for the rest of us. That’s where we’ll be camping.

So dial these directions in to your mule wagon or GPS and visit with us!

512 Meadow Road
Ferguson, NC 28624
Ph: 800-4NC-MTNS (462-6867)


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