Monday Thanks

Bernie Harberts thanks supporters with painted names
Thank you Christy and Jean and Chris and Grace and Tania and Sebastian…….

Amazing response this week with friends – some I know, some I’ve never met – donating to the Lost Sea Expedition. I painted some of their names on stuff I found around the barn. Think beech bark (Jean), creek rock (Christy), fatwood, cedar shingle and red cedar batten.  Click through for a closer look at these hand painted thank yous.

Here’s a closer look.

Thank you sign on wood.
Proof of paint: yep ,that’s real paint on fatwood. Fatwood is super-resinous pine we use for kindling. This piece of shortlieaf pine I fished out of my creek after a flood.
Friends old and new


Bernie's batch
The “batch”: studio, Sunday morning paint shack and general hangout. The creek in the foreground is a great source of thank you rocks – and watercress – when I run out of boards.



We still have a long way to go. Now I just gotta get back in the batch and paint you a progress map!


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