About the Lost Sea Expedition

Welcome. I’m film maker Bernie Harberts.  This site is about the Lost Sea Expedition TV series, the documentary  about my 14 month wagon voyage from Canada to Mexico. I filmed the whole voyage right out of my solar powered wagon – no sponsor, chase crew or support vehicle.  The series premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS. Climb aboard. Let’s go see America!

How to watch the series

Buy the DVD

$14.95 (shipping just $3.95 to any US location)

Stream the series


Amazon (FREE with Prime)

The series premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS in early 2018. We’ll let you know when it airs again.

More about the series

Want to learn more about what it’s like to spend 14 months crossing the Great Plains – from Canada to Mexico – in a 21-square foot, solar powered, one mule wagon? Or how ( or how not) to move a rattlesnake with a buggy whip?  Here’s more about the series.

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