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Welcome. I’m film maker Bernie Harberts.  This site is about the Lost Sea Expedition TV series, the documentary  about my 14 month wagon voyage from Canada to Mexico. I filmed the whole voyage right out of my solar powered wagon – no sponsor, chase crew or support vehicle.

The Lost Sea Expedition premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS and is available for streaming or on DVD.

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One hundred Sixty Seven Lost Sea Expedition Thanks

A great  big thanks to the 167 folks that have reviewed the “Lost Sea Expedition” series on Amazon Prime. The 4 part TV public TV series is about the voyage I took from Canada to Mexico with my mule Polly.

Right now we (my wife Julia, me, mule Polly and our critters) are spending most of our time holed up on our farm in western North Carolina waiting for the Coronavirus pandemic to ease. Our thoughts go out to everyone who is struggling with these strange times.

We’re passing the time in simple ways. Planting a garden. Fixing roads. And yes, keeping mule Polly, star of the Lost Sea Expedition, exercised.

Julia exercising Polly of her pony Pickle. Mule Polly things she’s done enough work and would really prefer….


…hanging out under her favorite willow tree with her buddies. That’s Polly in the foreground. The dark mules beside her are Brick and Cracker who I spent 195 days last year riding from our farm in North Carolina to Idaho. The buckskin at the far right is Pickle, Julia’s haflinger.

How Your Reviews Help

Reviews and word of mouth are the #1 way to spread word of the series. If you haven’t already, it would be great if you left a review. A few words and seconds is all it takes. You can do that right here.

If you’d like to stream the series, you can do so right here on Amazon.

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Over 700,000 of Minutes Streamed

Mule Polly and I got to wondering. How often is the “Lost Sea Expedition” being streamed on Amazon? The series is about mule Polly and my solo wagon voyage across America. According to Amazon, it’s been viewed over 700,000 minutes in the last 3 months. That’s almost 12,000 hours. Wow!

Amazon’s stats: the series has been viewed over 700,000 minutes in the last 3 months. That’s over a year’s worth of streaming (493 days to be exact).

More important, the series has gotten over 80 reviews.

These reviews are vital. They show Amazon the series is engaging viewers. That means Amazon  (okay, Amazon’s algorithm) encourages folks to stream the series. That really helps word get out about this beautiful series.

If  you’ve reviewed the series, thanks. If you haven’t, a few words and a few seconds is all it takes. You can leave your review right here.

Thanks from mule Polly and me!
PS:  If you haven’t watched the series yet, you can stream the series right here.

EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival Selection

The “Lost Sea Expedition” is crankin’. A few weeks ago it won a Winnie Award at the EQUUS film festival in New York. This week, the film has been selected to appear at the EQUUS INTERNATIONAL film festival in Missoula, Montana.
This is very cool because Polly and my trip covered parts of Montana. No matter what the judges think, Polly scores a win with us. Brace yourself for a bonus ration of carrots my traveling friend!
You can stream the series on Amazon.
More about the EQUUS INTERNATIONAL film festival right here.

Are You Dan from Madison?


Dan’s letter on our fridge. Dan wrote to tell us how much he and his family enjoyed the “Lost Sea Expedition” series on Amazon.  If you haven’t already, you can stream the series right here.

Are you Dan from Madison, Wisconsin? If so, we loved your postcard! It’s always great hearing from folks that enjoy the Lost Sea Expedition series, the program about my mule wagon voyage across America. Messages on a post card score bonus points on the Adventure Correspondence scale.

If you’re not Dan, we’d still love to hear from you…. especially by good old fashioned US Mail. If you write us and put your return address on your missive, we’ll try to write you back. You can find our mailing address right here.  Or you can find it on the card below.

Carry on letter writers, carry on…

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What Dan wrote us.

PS: I love corresponding via the US Postal Service. Here are a few stories you might enjoy:
A postcard from the road
Delivering books to the post office with mule Polly

Thanks For Your Review

Friday afternoon mule ramble.

A huge thank you to everyone that left a review of the “Lost Sea Expedition” on Amazon. We got 17 new reviews this week which put us 6 over our goal of 50. To celebrate, Julia and I rode up the mountain. In the photo above, I’m riding Brick and leading Polly, star of the series. You can bet Polly got her carrot bonus!
If you’d like to review the series that would make a little mule very happy. You can leave your Amazon review right here.
Everyone have a great weekend.

Lost Sea Expedition wins Winnie Award at EQUUS Film Festival

The Winnie Award (EQUUS Film Festival photo)

Man walks across America with mule. Man makes movie. Movie goes to New York City and….wins shiny gold trophy.


Okay. Sorry. I got carried away.

It’s just that I’m so excited that the Lost Sea Expedition, the account of my mule voyage across America, just won a Winnie award at the EQUUS Film Festival in New York City. It won for  best Full Length Equestrian Film Travel Documentary.

What now? Well, mule Polly, star of the series, can’t eat a trophy so I have a better idea.

On our latest jaunt, a 6 week amble from North Carolina to Virginia and back, Polly developed a real love for little red apples. So red apples it is – a whole bag full if that’s what it takes.

In the meantime, here are 2 ways you can watch the award-winning Lost Sea Expedition!
-buy the DVD at the LostSeaExpedition store.

-stream the series on Amazon

Mule Polly served as pack mule on Julia and my trip from western North Carolina to Virginia and back. That’s Julia in the background riding Dusty. You can read more of the journey at my travel site RiverEarth.com and Julia’s blog Saddle Under the Stars.
A hat full of apples. The came from a road side tree in western North Carolina (Todd, NC)


“Lost Sea Expedition” Screens Friday, November 30 at EQUUS Film Festival (12p)

The EQUUS Film Festival runs Nov 29 – Dec 2, 2018 in Brooklyn, NY. The festival is dedicated to all things horse, mule and donkey and features movies from around the world.

News just in that the Lost Sea Expedition is scheduled to be the first movie to be screened at the 2018 EQUUS Film Festival in New York City. The movie about mule Polly’s wagon voyage joins other movies ranging from gypsy wagon life and Marwari cavalry horses to the California vaquero.  Festival bonus: this is the first time the Lost Sea Expedition, originally released as a series, will be shown as a feature length film.

Where: Wythe Hotel Cinema
N 11th St & Brewers Row & Wythe Avenue – Brooklyn, NY 11249
80 Wythe Avenue – Brooklyn, NY 11249

When: Friday, November 30, 2018

Time: 12pm

Click through for the entire schedule.

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Horse Radio Network Interview

Big thanks to Glen and Jamie of the Horse Radio Network’s “Horses in the Morning” show. I had the pleasure and amusement of being a guest on their show this (Monday) morning. We had a great time discussing the Lost Sea Expedition series, messages in a tumbleweed and why anybody would set off across America in a wagon. Stream the interview, or any of the 6,000-plus interviews they’ve done, at www.horsesinthemorning.com .

A Quarter of a Million Minutes Streamed

A milestone: 1/4 million minutes of streaming in the last month.

Wow. A quarter of a million minutes. That’s how many minutes the Lost Sea Expedition, the TV series about my wagon voyage across America, has streamed on Amazon in the last 4 weeks. That translates in to 13,859 unique streams.

Sooo… a wagon-sized thanks to everyone that’s tuned in to the series. An even bigger thanks to everyone who’s left a review. You can read and leave reviews here. These REALLY help mule Polly and I get the word out.

If you haven’t already, you can stream the series right here on Amazon.