About the Lost Sea Expedition

Welcome. I’m film maker Bernie Harberts.  This site is about the Lost Sea Expedition TV series, the documentary  about my 14 month wagon voyage from Canada to Mexico. I filmed the whole voyage right out of my solar powered wagon – no sponsor, chase crew or support vehicle. The series premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS.

Climb aboard. Let’s go see America!

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The series premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS in January 2018

June 2018 Rebroadcast

The series will air again in June.  Tentative dates are:

6/07/18  Episode  #101: Heading Out
6/14/18   Episode #102 Settling In
6/28/18   Episode #103 Prairie Fever
7/05/18  Episode  #104 Rio Grande
We’ll keep you posted with final dates and times.

More about the series

Want to learn more about what it’s like to spend 14 months crossing the Great Plains – from Canada to Mexico – in a 21-square foot, solar powered, one mule wagon? Or how ( or how not) to move a rattlesnake with a buggy whip?  Here’s more about the series.

May 18 Lost Sea Expedition Program

I’d like to invite you to Friday’s Lost Sea Expedition program at Wilkes County Library
Date: Friday, May 18
Time: 4p
Where: Wilkes County Public Library, Wilkesboro, NC
Learn about life in a mule wagon and America’s great vanished sea. Meet mule Polly and tour the wagon she pulled across America. Hey you can even squeeze in to the wagon if you’re feeling limber!
Address: Wilkes County Library, 215 10th St, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

Watch the Lost Sea Expedition movie at Leatherwood Mule Days Friday, May 5

Join mule Polly and me Friday, May 5 at 8pm as we show the Lost Sea Expedition at Mule Days at Leatherwood Mountains (Ferguson, NC). The film is about our 14 month wagon voyage across America. Signed DVDs will be available.  Mule Polly, the Lost Sea Expedition wagon and I will be at Leatherwood starting Thursday. Come on down and I’ll give you the wagon tour!

512 Meadow Rd, Ferguson, NC 28624
(336) 973-5044



Meet the Lost Sea Expedition Crew

Meet the faces behind the Lost Sea Expedition series (Will and Deni McIntyre, Charlie Frye, Christian Harberts and Kirk Gillon photos)


Mule Polly and I traveled alone across America filming the Lost Sea Expedition series. But turning that footage in to a Rocky Mountain PBS series? Well, that took an Emmy award winning, paint slinging, web hosting team of producer, consultants, illustrator, audio engineer and web guys. Meet Julia, Will, Deni, Charlie, Chris, Christian and Keith.


Preview Episode 4: Rio Grande

A bridge, a bull and people’s opposing religious beliefs remain as obstacles. The Wall with Mexico proves less of an issue. It’s Episode 4, the final segment of the Lost Sea Expedition series. Join me  this coming Thursday (January 28) on Rocky Mountain PBS (8pm), Amazon Prime and Vimeo as we finish our mule wagon voyage across America together. Plenty more videos, including trailers for all 4 episodes, are here on the Videos, Trailers and Extras page.

“Have you lost your damn mind?” The Illustrations Behind the Lost Sea Expedition

Turtle Island: the Lakota origin story as painted by Charlie Frye. From the Lost Sea Expedition Series (Charlie Frye illustration)

“Bernie…..have you lost your DAMN mind?” That’s what folk artist Charlie Frye said when I asked him to paint 30 paintings for the Lost Sea Expedition the series about my 14 month wagon mule voyage across America.

Charlie with some of the 30-plus paintings he created for the Lost Sea Expedition series on Rocky Mountain PBS, Amazon and Vimeo.
Charlie with some of the 30-plus paintings he created for the Lost Sea Expedition series on Rocky Mountain PBS, Amazon and Vimeo.

But I know Charlie’s about more than roosters, rusty trucks and bootleggers.  Then Charlie started painting. Here’s more on how Charlie went from painting owls to dead fish.


Behind the Premiere Party

You know it’s a great party when you get to bring your dog, mule and wagon…and don’t have time to take photos. Here, I’m signing a book for David while avoiding stepping on Snookie’s tail. (Wendy Hamil photo)

You know it’s a good party when the film maker (me) leaves the movie’s premier party without any photos. Thanks party hosts Will and Deni McIntyre and Wendy Hamil for the the Lost Sea Expedition premiere party pics! Plenty more snaps and the story right here. Continue reading “Behind the Premiere Party”