Are You Dan from Madison?


Dan’s letter on our fridge. Dan wrote to tell us how much he and his family enjoyed the “Lost Sea Expedition” series on Amazon.  If you haven’t already, you can stream the series right here.

Are you Dan from Madison, Wisconsin? If so, we loved your postcard! It’s always great hearing from folks that enjoy the Lost Sea Expedition series, the program about my mule wagon voyage across America. Messages on a postcard score bonus points on the Adventure Correspondence scale.

If you’re not Dan, we’d still love to hear from you…. especially by good old-fashioned US Mail. If you write us and put your return address on your missive, we’ll try to write back. You can find our mailing address right here.  Or you can find it on the card below.

Carry on letter writers, carry on…

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What Dan wrote us.

PS: I love corresponding via the US Postal Service. Here are a few stories you might enjoy:
A postcard from the road
Delivering books to the post office with mule Polly

Meet the Lost Sea Expedition Crew

Meet the faces behind the Lost Sea Expedition series (Will and Deni McIntyre, Charlie Frye, Christian Harberts and Kirk Gillon photos)


Mule Polly and I traveled alone across America filming the Lost Sea Expedition series. But turning that footage in to a Rocky Mountain PBS series? Well, that took an Emmy award winning, paint slinging, web hosting team of producer, consultants, illustrator, audio engineer and web guys. Meet Julia, Will, Deni, Charlie, Chris, Christian and Keith.


Welcome Pioneer Equipment

Pioneer Equipment logo
Pioneer Equipment is one of America’s largest manufacturer of horse drawn equipment

People ask me, “Did you build your wagon?” I point at the yellow wagon body and say, “yes, I built the body.” Then I say, “but Pioneer Equipment built the running gear.” Today I’d like to welcome Pioneer Equipment aboard as the latest Lost Sea Expedition supporter.  Here’s more about how Pioneer fits in to the Lost Sea Expedition. Continue reading “Welcome Pioneer Equipment”

Pat’s Palm

Mule Pollh visits the Bohemian Foundaton in Ft Collins, CO.
The Bohemian Foundation’s headquarters in Fort Collins, CO. Polly and I visited the Foundation to meet founder Pat Stryker. Look really closely and you can spot three things that appear later in this story: an admirer, a “Motorcycle Parking Only” sign and….a palm tree.

Ah the perils of fundraising with a mule…. Continue reading “Pat’s Palm”

Sunday Morning Paint Job

Sand dust on Bernie's hand.
Stay Calm. Paint On. Sanding my wagon this Sunday morning.

It’s 7:00a Sunday morning. I should be freaking out. In less than 24 hours, I load mule Polly on to my trailer and we head to Colorado. That’s 1,500 miles way from North Carolina. We don’t have a clue where we’re staying each of the 4 nights on the road. Instead of panicking, I’m going to paint my wagon. Continue reading “Sunday Morning Paint Job”