Welcome to the Lost Sea Expedition

Welcome to the Lost Sea Expedition web site, the TV series about a real life mule wagon voyage across America. Here are the links to navigate the site.

The TV Series: Join me for a wagon voyage across the Great Plains. We’ll explore the remains of an ancient sea and learn from the people who live there now. Is the Lost Sea from Noah’s Flood or the Age of Dinosaurs? Depends on who you askā€¦.

Support the TV series: Please help me. Imagine a trail of pennies stretching 2,500 miles across America – one penny every foot. That’s what it’ll cost to produce the Lost Sea Expedition in to a TV series. The way you can help is to pitch in. Can you join me for a mile?


Latest News: Here’s all the latest info about the Lost Sea TV series. Here’s where you go for new videos, musings, programs, fund raising efforts, wagon rambles and all the latest Lost Sea Expedition news.

About Bernie: I travel so slowly the seasons overtake me. I explore without a gun, film crew or chase vehicle. My favorite vessels are creaky boats and mule wagons.