About the Lost Sea Expedition TV Series

The Lost Sea Expedition TV series is about a voyage I (Bernie Harberts) took across America with my mule. The series was filmed with only the gear I carried in my wagon – no film crew, support team or sponsor. I slowed down to explore a sped up world as only a man alone can do.

Out there in my tiny wagon, I filmed what I lived: tumbleweed gales, snow storms, the highs of Badlands Blue and the low of Prairie Fever. I lived among the people I interviewed – ranchers, Lakota elders, scientists, creationists and and every day folks.

Bernie and his muile Polly in the New Mexican desert. The film footage of their voyage became the basis of the Lost Sea Expedition TV series.

Hi. I’m Bernie Harberts and this is my mule Polly. We traveled and filmed our way across American in our wagon. That footage is now being turned in to the Lost Sea Expedition TV series. (Hope, NM)

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The 2,500 mile route we took across America. The voyage lasted 14 months, covered 10 states and spanned 4 seasons.

The goal of my voyage was to capture the wandering life, explore a little known part of America, and bring the experience home to you. The Lost Sea Expedition does that. When it is complete you’ll be able to “walk” across the United States with me in 4 half-hour TV segments. Instead sound bite glimpses of county, like you get on some social media and the news, you’ll feel like you spent a year absorbing it first hand.

Still, the voyage isn’t quite done for me. I need to bring the TV series the final distance – get it paid for and on TV.

The Lost Sea Wagon parked on Hurley Butte, South Dakota.

The Lost Sea Expedition TV series lets you absorb some of the remotest parts of America, like Hurley Butte, South Dakota.

Turning the footage shot in the field in to a TV series has been a huge project. The Lost Sea Expedition is currently in production. It is being produced for public television which means I have to come up with all the money to make this happen.

This is where you can help. Please make a donation to help complete the series. Just $25 would buy half an hour of audio engineering. With your help, I’m confident we’ll raise enough money to finish this project in short order. I want you to see this series as soon as possible so let’s get going!


In the meantime, all the latest info about the voyage and TV series – from video shorts to where you can catch up with mule Polly and me – is in the Latest News section. Have you seen the one about the mummified….thing…



Welcome to the Lost Sea Expedition

Welcome to the Lost Sea Expedition web site, the TV series about a real life mule wagon voyage across America. Here are the links to navigate the site.

The TV Series: Join me for a wagon voyage across the Great Plains. We’ll explore the remains of an ancient sea and learn from the people who live there now. Is the Lost Sea from Noah’s Flood or the Age of Dinosaurs? Depends on who you askā€¦.

Support the TV series: Please help me. Imagine a trail of pennies stretching 2,500 miles across America – one penny every foot. That’s what it’ll cost to produce the Lost Sea Expedition in to a TV series. The way you can help is to pitch in. Can you join me for a mile?


Latest News: Here’s all the latest info about the Lost Sea TV series. Here’s where you go for new videos, musings, programs, fund raising efforts, wagon rambles and all the latest Lost Sea Expedition news.

About Bernie: I travel so slowly the seasons overtake me. I explore without a gun, film crew or chase vehicle. My favorite vessels are creaky boats and mule wagons.