Pat’s Palm

Mule Pollh visits the Bohemian Foundaton in Ft Collins, CO.
The Bohemian Foundation’s headquarters in Fort Collins, CO. Polly and I visited the Foundation to meet founder Pat Stryker. Look really closely and you can spot three things that appear later in this story: an admirer, a “Motorcycle Parking Only” sign and….a palm tree.

Ah the perils of fundraising with a mule…. Continue reading “Pat’s Palm”

Sunday Morning Paint Job

Sand dust on Bernie's hand.
Stay Calm. Paint On. Sanding my wagon this Sunday morning.

It’s 7:00a Sunday morning. I should be freaking out. In less than 24 hours, I load mule Polly on to my trailer and we head to Colorado. That’s 1,500 miles way from North Carolina. We don’t have a clue where we’re staying each of the 4 nights on the road. Instead of panicking, I’m going to paint my wagon. Continue reading “Sunday Morning Paint Job”