The Last Wagon Journal Entry

Bernie's Optimus Ranger 8R stove in the Texas desert.
The last night on the road. The flame in the foreground is the Optimus Ranger 8R gasoline stove. I used the the ancient, $35 stove, to cook almost all my meals on the entire Canada to Mexico journey.  The tripod used to to film the Lost Sea Expedition is next to water jug I used to carry water in to the desert. Look closely behind the wagon and you can spot a bale of alfalfa hay. The water jug and hay make an appearance later that night in my journal. (Sierra Blanca, Texas)

March 9 marks the anniversary of my last day on my wagon voyage across America – the journey that became the Lost Sea Expedition series.

Most nights in my wagon, I wrote in my journal. Tonight, reading back over those entries here in my cabin in Western North Carolina, those notes seems like a missive from another era. Continue reading “The Last Wagon Journal Entry”

Time Lapse Cattle Guard Crossing

Time lapse of mule Polly and I crossing a cattle guard in the New Mexican desert. The cattle guard is made of railroad ties spaced about 9″ apart. That means Polly’s hooves would have fallen between gaps – the reason I had to unhook her and lead her around.  For a while there, she had me pulling the wagon a spell on our voyage across America. Smart mule!

About the Lost Sea Expedition

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Welcome. I’m film maker Bernie Harberts.  This site is about the Lost Sea Expedition TV series, the documentary  about my 14 month wagon voyage from Canada to Mexico. I filmed the whole voyage right out of my solar powered wagon – no sponsor, chase crew or support vehicle.

The Lost Sea Expedition premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS and is available for streaming or on DVD.

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Christmas Eve and the Animals are Talking

One the stables mule Polly slept in on her wagon voyage across America. It belonged to Ed Minor who lived in the Sandhills of Nebraska.
One the stables mule Polly slept in on her wagon voyage across America. It belonged to Ed Minor who lived in the Sandhills of Nebraska.  It reminds me of a Christmas Eve story from my youth.

I grew up on a horse farm in North Carolina. Every Christmas Eve, my brother and I would stand on the back porch, after dark, and cock our ears toward the horse barn.

The barn was within earshot of the house.  On a quiet night, you could hear the horses munching hay and moving quietly in their stalls. But that’s not what we were listing for.

Continue reading “Christmas Eve and the Animals are Talking”

Meet the Lost Sea Expedition Crew

Meet the faces behind the Lost Sea Expedition series (Will and Deni McIntyre, Charlie Frye, Christian Harberts and Kirk Gillon photos)


Mule Polly and I traveled alone across America filming the Lost Sea Expedition series. But turning that footage in to a Rocky Mountain PBS series? Well, that took an Emmy award winning, paint slinging, web hosting team of producer, consultants, illustrator, audio engineer and web guys. Meet Julia, Will, Deni, Charlie, Chris, Christian and Keith.


Donation Alert

MIssing some cash? This might be a clue…

Missing some cash? The Lost Sea Expedition fundraiser has gone viral among dogs and they’ve been making unusually large number of cash donations. Please advise your pooch that what he/she heard about mule Polly sending them a premium (aka, mule apple, grass pie, manure) is purely rumor.

Okay, I’m kidding. But we sure appreciate those of you who smile and think, “hey, I love what you’re doing with the Lost Sea Expedition and want to chip in a few bucks.”   Here’s how you can do that. Just hit that yellow button and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Down the Hatch

Mososaur in Sternberg Museum.
You’d have to travel back in time millions years to get swallowed by a mosasaur on the Great Plains.. That doesn’t keep me from wondering what that would be like.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be swallowed by a sea monster? Yeah, that’s the stuff I wondered about as mule Polly and I walked day after week after month across the Great Plains on the Lost Sea Expedition.

Here’s an entry straight from my wagon travel log. Continue reading “Down the Hatch”

Thanks June

Mule Polly thank you note on her nose.
Mule Polly takes on the greeting card industry, one sheet of printer paper and tape at a time…

Hey June, here’s your Thank You note straight from mule Polly’s lips….er, muzzle! Your donation paid for a minute of audio engineering on the TV series. Try as we might, there are just some things we can’t make right with duct tape (and that’s a good thing…).