French Fan Sketch

Mule Polly on the Lost Sea Expedition as sketched by Olivier Lamusse. Olivier lives in Paris, France. He’s a traveler and film maker after my own heart. You can learn more about Olivier, including his pencil sketches, kayak voyage and music, right here. (Olivier Lamusse illustration)

We’re working like bee-stung mules getting the Lost Sea Expedition ready for its January 4 Amazon Video Direct and Rocky Mountain PBS premiere.  Then, just when we needed a much-needed reminder to slow back down to a garden mule’s pace, we got this wonderful sketch from Olivier. Olivier lives on a yellow boat in Paris.

The sketch shows mule Polly crossing one of the many bridges she encountered on her voyage across America. I especially enjoy the details Olivier put in there, right down to the hairs on the dead cat (the wind-muffling device on the microphone on top of the tripod). This picture now enjoys pride of place next to another great portrait of Polly sent in by Emma (below).

Emma from Arkansas sent us this great sketch of mule Polly. Check out more on the story, and see the picture her brother Benjamin sent us, right here. (Emma Forbes illustration)

Thanks for the sketch Olivier! Here’s a few more drawings folks have sent the Lost Sea Expedition headquarters recently.  Okay, because I like these so much, here’s one more.


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