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If I had to do the closed captioning for the Lost Sea Expedition series, it might look like this. Ugggghhh. That’s where underwriters (aka sponsors, supporters, donors, fans of the Lost Sea Expedition, folks like you)  step in. Their dollars help pay for things that someone else can do better than I ….like provide real closed captions as required by Public TV.

You know how Ralph Lauren and Viking River Cruises underwrite Downton Abbey? In exchange, they get to put their message on Public TV every time Downton Abbey airs. Well, here’s a chance for you – or a company, foundation or organization you know – to get an on screen mention on Rocky Mountain PBS (Colorado) as a Lost Sea Expedition underwriter. You’d be helping the series out and in exchange, your message would get in front of all those high quality Rocky Mountain PBS viewers. We’re talking lots of high quality exposure for less than the price of one of those Ralph Lauren ball gowns. Okay, a LOT less…

How underwriting works

Underwriters help media producers pay for their content. On public TV underwriters are often the only monetary support. That’s the way it is for the Lost Sea Expedition. Thanks to the underwriters and public support (like all of you) we are able to bring the Lost Sea Expedition to Rocky Mountain PBS.

All the things it takes to get a film broadcast ready to present on public television cost money. More than I (Bernie Harberts), the producer of the Lost Sea Expedition, have jingling around in my pocket. That’s why I’m so appreciative of all your help to date.  So far, your contributions have covered closed captioning, color correction and the graphic layout software needed to illustrate the series.

Lost Sea Expedition logo
Underwriting: your chance to climb aboard the Lost Sea Expedition’s voyage in to Public TV

Final days

Now we just need to pay off some final bills to complete the series. Things like audio engineering (+-$5,000). That’s where we need some bigger gifts – ball gown sized gifts.

That’s where, in these final days of our fund drive, we could use some major underwriters.

For just a $1,000 or $2,000, you or your company or foundation could get a 5 to 10 second mention on Rocky Mountain PBS (RMPBS) before and after every episode of the Lost Sea Expedition airs. A 5 or 10 second mention is long enough to give a name and a little bit of other information. It’s a great way to get your message in front of a prime, Public TV audience.

RMPBS logo
RMPBS delivers an unmatched 98% reach into Colorado Homes. Statewide, RMPBS stations reach 616,852 adults/week, 504,385 are in the Denver DMA KRMA Denver reaches 948,000 adults/month, 31% of the 18+ population! *Nielsen February 2017

That’s a tremendous amount of high quality exposure for very little money. The Lost Sea Expedition is already tentatively scheduled to air at least twice, including airings in a prime time slot. Any additional airing of the Lost Sea Expedition will mention the underwriters with no additional fees.

This would be a great opportunity for anyone who has an appropriate message they’d like to get out in front of an engaged, educated, outdoorsy Colorado audience.  Think bank, brewery, restaurant, car dealer, financial institution, foundation, apparel or sports gear retailer, service provider or charity.

Don’t own a business or foundation that could benefit from this offer? You can still help out. Just pass this info on to someone who you know that might benefit from it.

Let’s go

Ready to become a major underwriter and get your message out on Rocky Mountain PBS? Have any questions? Just drop us a line. I’d be happy to talk through the finer points of underwriting with you.  But please do it soon. We need to wrap up our fundraising by Monday, September 25.

Of course if a thousand bucks is a little rich for your blood right now, we’d still love to put twenty of your dollars to work on the series. We’ll make ’em work really hard and you can start that process right here on the Donate page.


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