noosa Thanks

Bernie with safety gear.
Pardon the crazed look. I just got off the noosa yogurt tour and it rocked. I make two quarts of yogurt per week back home – sometimes under the wood stove. Yeah, count on having some fly ash and wood chips in your breakfast at my house. Not so noosa. They make thousands of quarts of yogurt per hour and ship it nationwide to places like Whole Foods.  I’m wearing: hair net, saftey googles, ear plugs, lab coat, clean boots and I even washed my hands.

Big thanks to Rob and Lori Graves of noosa yogurt and Morning Fresh Dairy for putting up mule Polly and me for the weekend.  Mule Polly toured the pasture dining on dandelions. I toured the yogurt factory and dairy. Tasty business!  Today (Monday, June 26) mule Polly and I head to Boulder, CO.

More about the Graves’ thriving dairy businesses (they still home deliver milk in glass bottles) at noosa yogurt and Morning Fresh Dairy.

Bernie in front of the noosa breakroom sign.
Welcome to noosa. I don’t usually dress like this. That’s because I’ve just come off the noosa factory tour. Yes there were samples. Yes I’ve eaten it for breakfast the past three days. Gonna miss this stuff back on the wagon. Thanks Rob and Lori and everyone that helped us out this weekend.

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