Tour the Lost Sea Expedition Saturday, October 15, 2016

Your wagon tour begins here.....and goes about 10 feet. Welcome!
Your wagon tour begins here…..and goes about 10 feet. Welcome!
 Hey, let’s catch up this Saturday morning at the Lost Sea Wagon.

Yep, the wagon will be on display at Saunders Family Farms and general store outside Hickory, NC. You can squeeze inside.  Take your hand at writing at the insanely small writing desk. Say, “damn this thing is tight!!”

The Lost Sea Wagon as it looked 2,400 miles in to the voyage, in the Texas desert
The Lost Sea Expedition wagon as it looked in the Texas desert 2,450 miles in to the voyage. You can check it out on Saturday, October 15 without having to travel to the depths of the Lone Star state.
A place for everything. Some of the items I carried on a recent trip in the wagon
A place for everything. Some of the items I carried on a recent trip in the wagon. If you asked nicely, I might give you some vinegar. Or you could buy it at the Saunders general store.

And you know how kids are all wound up on weekends when you just want to sleep? Perfect. Bring the mob. We’ll hitch then to the wagon and they can pull you around the corn maze the Saunders have growing.

Plenty of other activities put on by Brad Saunders and his family. Hey, this’ll be fun! And imagine how the young ‘uns will sleep at night.

You’ll thank me.


Brad Saunders
Saunders Family Farms

4098 NC-127

Hickory, NC 28602

(828) 855-8236



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