Thank You Beth

Bernie holds a sign he painted for donor Beth.
Thanks Beth! I painted this sign just for you. Yes, that’s real, not virtual paint.

Wow. I’m overwhelmed with how folks have stepped forward to sponsor the Lost Sea Expedition TV series! Beth was my first donor. Beth, I was so moved by your gift I went out the barn, where the wagon is stored, and painted you this thank you note.

Sign in Bernie's wagon.
Close up of Beth’s sign. Yes, the paint is real (and still wet). The green piece of metal is the wagon brake.

More pictures of my barn, wagon and how your thank you board came to be are just a click away.

Bernie's barn.
The barn behind my house. The yellow wagon is the one I crossed the US with. It’s where I painted the sign for Beth
Bernie's wagon.
The Lost Sea Expedition wagon looking much today as it did the day it crossed America.
Bernie holds sign in wagon.
Okay, one more shot of Beth’s sign. You can glimpse the wagon interior behind me. The grin says it all.

Thanks again to Beth and everyone who’s stepping in to kick off the Lost Sea Expedition fundraiser.  After all the heavy pulling my mule Polly did, it sure is nice to get some help. The fundraiser is just getting started. We have a lot more dollars to raise. Beth’s gift shows the way forward.

Beth and all other donors and underwriters will receive online credit on the Supporters page.

Hey, I look forward to painting some more signs. One of them could be yours!

donate2PS: big thanks to all the folks that continue giving since Beth’s gift. Here’s how very contribution makes a measurable difference.

PPS: I’ve since painted thank yous on bits of wood and rock and yes, even tomatoes.

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