Series Credits

The Lost Sea Expedition is the story of a solo mule wagon voyage across America. Because mule Polly and I (Bernie Harberts) traveled alone, without a film crew or chase vehicle,  it took a lot of people and communities to turn the experience in to a series for Public Television. This is where we thank them. The credit list is ongoing. If you were part of the Lost Sea Expedition series and didn’t find yourself on the list (hey, some days I forgot to hook Polly’s traces chains too…) then drop us a line.

Bernie's boot used a tripod.
Some things you can improvise, even do alone, like filming. For other things, like weaving that footage into a great TV series….? Well, that takes lots of help from other people.
Fiscal Sponsorship Provided by The International Documentary Association
Fiscal Sponsorship Provided by The International Documentary Association

On-camera Credits

In appearance: Nola and Perry Stratton, Doug Smith, Tama Smith, Neal Larson, Pete Larson, Ben Rhodd, Twilla Merril, George McKillip, Mike Everhart, Barbara Shelton, Chuck Bonner, Dan Epp, Duane Ackley, Charles Howard and Joe Taylor

Special Thanks

Julia Carpenter: Executive Producer and the most important person in my life.  Without Julia, there would be no Lost Sea Expedition.

Will and Deni McIntyre / will & deni media /

Ronald and Linda Hudson: for selling me Polly

Mel Wyatt and Beth Clarke: for letting me build a wagon in the garage

Melinda Penkava and Keith Smith – hosting

Christian Harberts – web design

Kelly Tyler-Lewis – consulting

Tim Larson: Black Hills, SD footage of Polly galloping with wagon

Color Timing

Deni McIntyre – / will & deni media /

Audio Engineering

Chris Peck


Charlie Frye / Frye Art Studio / Lenoir, NC /

Bernie Harberts – US and regional maps


Karen Cantor – “Snowflake Bucking” –

Catherine French – “Jockey Bernie” –

Sue Smithson – “Bernie, mule Woody and pony Maggie”

Solomon Butcher –  Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain /”Solomon Butcher”, “Chrisman Sisters”, “Mitchell Sod House”, “Rawding Family Sod House” from “History of Custer County, Nebraska” Butcher, Solomon (1919)

Theme Music

 Pierre Gerwig Langer – “Bonebreaker” –

Filming Locations and Assistance


Radville, Saskatchewan – Ray and Jeannette Galarneau, Jeannette Verhelst, Scott McCleod, Zennie Hoffert. Sandra, Fred and Bryce Howells

Neptune, Saskatchewan

Lake Alma, Saskatchewan – Allan Tytlandsvik


Plentywood – Terry Wagner,

Sunrise Drive-in Theater, Plentywood – Nola and Terry Stratton

Antelope – Ronald Ueland

Pennington Ranch – Robert Irwin, Megan Pennington, Ian Pennington, Greg Pennington, Charlie Pennington, Rhonda Pennington, Jake Pennington,  Katie Jununen, Fred J Roedeske, Dave Hatter, Duff Jarrett Fitzgerald


Alzada – Stoneville Bar and Saloon



Waugh Ranch

North Dakota

Beach – Skip Beach, Bijou Theater, Emanuel Culman

Sentinel Butte – Robert and Delores Olson

South Dakota

Hill City – Timothy Larson, Tim Nimmo, Kristin Donnan Standard, Ian, Grant and Kyle Standard, Jared Hudson, Bob Farrar, The Black Hills Institute

Borderlands Ranch, Hill City -Linda Kramer and Borderlands Ranch


Porcupine – Fawn White Face

Wanblee – Basil, Stephanie and Azairea Broken Rope, Stephanie Broken Rope

Belle Furche – Rick Peters

Hurley Butte


Minor Ranch


Seneca – Sandy and Eugene Hansen


Litchfield – Trent and Kelli Loos


Hays – Sternberg Institute


Logan County

Russel Springs – Larry Haverfield


Walsh – Derril and Duane Ackley




Crosbyton – Mount Blanco Fossil Museum – Joe Taylor

Tokio – Michael Joe Christesson, Manuel Tantu

Brownfield – Bill Larue,

Happy – Kyle Odom

Dell City – James Klingberg

Hudspeth Flats

Fort Hancock

New Mexico

Lovington – Joyce Galewood

Maljamar – Albert Ozborne




Black Hills Institute, Hill City, SD

Sternberg Museum, Hays, KS

Mt Blanco Fossil Museum, Crosbyton, TX

The Long Riders Guild –

And if you don’t see your name here…

Oops. I was so busy filming and editing the Lost Sea Expedition that I’m sure I forgot to thank a few folks that helped me along the way.

Are you one of those folks?  Just drop me a line.  I’ll have mule Polly set the record straight.