Mule Walking Tour of Fort Collins, CO

Mule Polly at radar.
5 miles per hour in a 30 zone: It’s not that we’re slow, it’s that everyone is going too fast. How mule Polly and I justify going 25 miles per less than the posted speed limit heading in to Fort Collins, CO.

Today mule Polly visited downtown Fort Collins, CO. We’re in town raising funds to get the Lost Sea Expedition series  aired on Rocky Mountain PBS. First off, a huge thank you to Kate Mabie, Nancy Lee, Sandy Walker and Dennis Vanderheiden for their donations.  Those gifts will go toward having the series closed-captioned ($2,500) as per Public Broadcast requirements. Now let’s look at some pictures from today! Continue reading “Mule Walking Tour of Fort Collins, CO”

Welcome to the Wagon Work Week

Bernie's office.
Monday greetings from my office – the Lost Sea Expedition mule wagon.

It’s Monday in Ft Collins. I’m in my office. Like everyone else at work, it’s gonna be 8 hours of phoning, emailing and chasing highest priorities (I use the Franklin/Covey system).  Only difference is my office is 21 square feet, solar powered and pulled by a mule. Yep, I’m working out of the Lost Sea Expedition mule wagon.   Here’s what’s up this week. Continue reading “Welcome to the Wagon Work Week”

Mule Polly at the Taste of Fort Collins Food Fest

Mule Polly hangs with her new Fort Collins buds. They are Cody, Gabby, Joanie and Patton. Polly looks really sleepy after all the granola (thanks Nancy!) head rubs and organic apples she enjoyed.  Happy birthday Gabby!

Talk about a great Colorado welcome. Mule Polly and I toured uptown Fort Collins today….just in time to catch the Taste of Fort Collins festival.  Great big thanks to the dozens of folks that welcomed Polly and me to town. Guys I was bowled over by your generosity from granola and books (the Wisdom of Donkeys – thanks Nancy) to organic apples and a bratwurst dinner (thanks Cache La Poudre Feeds!).

A special shout out to Gabby, Mark, Alison and Justin who made contributions to the Lost Sea Expedition series.  We’ve added your name to the Contributors Page. Hey, want to help us finish the series so it can air on Rocky Mountain PBS?  Heck, just hit that yellow Donate button below! Thanks.


Fort Collins Arrival

Mule Polly on a canal near the Cache La Poudre river outside Ft Collins, CO. She looks great after her 1600 mile trailer ride out from North Carolina

Mule Polly and I have arrived in Fort Collins, CO! After 6 days on the road in with our trailer, Polly and I are taking a break for a few days just north of town near the Cache La Poudre river (“cache the powder” (as in gun powder) in french). We’ll spend a few days getting our bearings before we start meeting with potential Lost Sea Expedition series underwriters. Rocky Mountain PBS has signed on to air the 4-part series about our 14 month wagon voyage across America.

Steving Meats and Chestnut Hill Thanks

Mule Polly tied for the night
Boondocking. Mule Polly picketed for the night on the banks of a drained Colorado impoundment.  I spent the next night with some fine folks in Kersey, a few hours’ drive up the road.

Quick shout-out to Jay and Karin Archer (Steving Meats Co) and the Chestnut family of Chestnut Hill farm of Kersey, CO.  I was passing through Kersey with my truck and trailer and mule Polly. The hour was getting late. These fine folks hooked Polly and me up with a place to stay. This was a classic case of just stopping on the side of the road and asking where a man and his mule could spend the night. No smart phone pre-planning involved. Thanks for the 23 eggs guys. I’m down to 18!

Keystone Gallery “Lost Sea Expedition” reunion

Bernie visits with Barbara Shelton and Chuck Bonner
Cast reunion: Mule Polly and I (center) visit with fossil hunters Barbara Shelton and Chuck Bonner. Polly and I spent time with them on our wagon voyage across America. They operate the Keystone Gallery south of Logan, KS. Barbara featured in the Lost Sea Expedition series. You can also check her out in the official Lost Sea Expedition trailer.

Call it the first Lost Sea Expedition cast reunion.  Last night mule Polly and I spent the night with Barbara Shelton and Chuck Bonner. I visited them during the wagon voyage that became the Lost Sea Expedition series.  Barbara appeared in the TV series, including the Official Trailer.  Look for her in the trailer that follows.

Continue reading “Keystone Gallery “Lost Sea Expedition” reunion”

Missouri Feedlot Miracle

Bernie travels through Nashville by truck
Nashville at 55 mph: We’re barreling along in my ’92 Dodge, heading toward Colorado. I was going too fast to spot any country music cliches (guitar, old dog, country boy, momma, torn jeans, broken down pick up truck. ) Look really closely and you can see the trailer in the mirror.

Mule Polly and I are heading to Colorado with our truck and trailer. Once in Colorado, we’ll meet with companies, individuals and foundations interested in underwriting the Lost Sea Expedition, our upcoming series on Rocky Mountain PBS. Thing is every night we need to find a place to sleep. As recently as late this afternoon, I didn’t have a clue where we’d knock off for the night.  And it worked out fine. Just like it always does…. Continue reading “Missouri Feedlot Miracle”

Almost Nashville

Kristi and Stacy Holland put mule Polly and me up for the night. They are truck drivers. Kristi isn’t driving any  more. Stacy is. Toby, the St Bernard, is giving me the ‘Hey, I smell ham and beans on your breath and I didn’t get any…” look.

Day One: it started in Western NC and ended on a couch full of dogs and great human outside Nashville, TN. Thanks Krisit and Stacy for putting us up the first night on the road!  This morning it’s back on the road with the truck and trailer and mule Polly. Headin’ to Colorado you know!   Post Script: We found a place to spend the night. Thanks for the hay Fred. Continue reading “Almost Nashville”