Down the Hatch

Mososaur in Sternberg Museum.
You’d have to travel back in time millions years to get swallowed by a mosasaur on the Great Plains.. That doesn’t keep me from wondering what that would be like.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be swallowed by a sea monster? Yeah, that’s the stuff I wondered about as mule Polly and I walked day after week after month across the Great Plains on the Lost Sea Expedition.

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Thanks June

Mule Polly thank you note on her nose.
Mule Polly takes on the greeting card industry, one sheet of printer paper and tape at a time…

Hey June, here’s your Thank You note straight from mule Polly’s lips….er, muzzle! Your donation paid for a minute of audio engineering on the TV series. Try as we might, there are just some things we can’t make right with duct tape (and that’s a good thing…).

French Fan Sketch

Mule Polly on the Lost Sea Expedition as sketched by Olivier Lamusse. Olivier lives in Paris, France. He’s a traveler and film maker after my own heart. You can learn more about Olivier, including his pencil sketches, kayak voyage and music, right here. (Olivier Lamusse illustration)

We’re working like bee-stung mules getting the Lost Sea Expedition ready for its January 4 Amazon Video Direct and Rocky Mountain PBS premiere.  Then, just when we needed a much-needed reminder to slow back down to a garden mule’s pace, we got this wonderful sketch from Olivier. Olivier lives on a yellow boat in Paris.

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Last Push to the Finish Line

Cheer the Lost Sea Expedition the final distance to its Public Television premier.

Like it helps a marathon runner nearing the finish line, your cheers in the form of any support would be so encouraging. Our submission deadline is October 16.

Please donate here.

You’ll be part of the voyage and we’ll give you a 30-day pass to watch the 4-part Lost Sea Expedition series online after its premier.  We’ll let you know when it’s available to stream.

We’re extending this offer to all our supporters who have already donated. Your support has really kept us going the distance.  Here’s how $50 drew a line across America.






The Lost Sea Expedition in Hungary

Lovas Nemzet – “Equestrian Nation” – covers Hungarian things equine from riding, driving and racing to horse care and, in this issue, the Lost Sea Exepedition TV series.

Let’s pull the cork on that bottle of Hungarian Tokaji aszu you’ve been hoarding.  This morning  CuChullaine O’Reilly of The Long Riders’ Guild informs me his article on the Lost Sea Expedition has been published in the Hungarian equestrian magazine Lovas Nemzet. This brings back stormy memories of my youth, Hungary, wine and my mom.

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Hurricanes and Deadlines

Mule Polly and her chainsaw
Mule Polly: hauled a wagon across America and, this week, a chainsaw up a mountain. In our barn. (western North Carolina)

Hurricanes and production deadlines don’t mix. We’ve been busy here at headquarters wrapping up the series for Rocky Mountain PBS. So when we heard Hurricane Irma had taken sights on our western North Carolina property,  closed captioning gave way to cutting water bars. Yes, even mule Polly pitched in carrying a chain saw up the mountain. We got lucky.  We escaped major damage from Hurricane Irma. Polly’s gone back to grazing. I’m back final edits.

You – or someone your know – on Rocky Mountain PBS

Bernie holds a sign in front of his wagon.
If I had to do the closed captioning for the Lost Sea Expedition series, it might look like this. Ugggghhh. That’s where underwriters (aka sponsors, supporters, donors, fans of the Lost Sea Expedition, folks like you)  step in. Their dollars help pay for things that someone else can do better than I ….like provide real closed captions as required by Public TV.

You know how Ralph Lauren and Viking River Cruises underwrite Downton Abbey? In exchange, they get to put their message on Public TV every time Downton Abbey airs. Well, here’s a chance for you – or a company, foundation or organization you know – to get an on screen mention on Rocky Mountain PBS (Colorado) as a Lost Sea Expedition underwriter. You’d be helping the series out and in exchange, your message would get in front of all those high quality Rocky Mountain PBS viewers. We’re talking lots of high quality exposure for less than the price of one of those Ralph Lauren ball gowns. Okay, a LOT less…

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The Hats They Wore

This is not me wearing my Fund Raiser cap. This is Shy Hurst of the Texas High Plains. He’s wearing one of the memorable hats I encountered on the Lost Sea Expedition.

I’ve been awfully quiet online these past weeks. That’s because the big push is on to get the Lost Sea Expedition TV series turned in to to Rocky Mountain PBS.  These days, I’ve traded in my Mule Skinner hat for my Audio Engineer, Colorist, Animal Handler and Insurance Agent hats. Okay, I don’t have an Insurance Agent hat. But that figure of speech sure brings back memories of some of the great hats I found  folks wearing out there on the dusty Lost Sea. Here’s a look at a few of them. Continue reading “The Hats They Wore”

Welcome Pioneer Equipment

Pioneer Equipment logo
Pioneer Equipment is one of America’s largest manufacturer of horse drawn equipment

People ask me, “Did you build your wagon?” I point at the yellow wagon body and say, “yes, I built the body.” Then I say, “but Pioneer Equipment built the running gear.” Today I’d like to welcome Pioneer Equipment aboard as the latest Lost Sea Expedition supporter.  Here’s more about how Pioneer fits in to the Lost Sea Expedition. Continue reading “Welcome Pioneer Equipment”

Dino napping

Harvey McPherson (Creston, South Dakota)
Harvey McPherson (Creston, South Dakota)

Traveling across the ancient sea bed of the Western Interior Seaway, when I wasn’t filming the Lost Sea Expedition or looking for marine fossils, I was always on the lookout for a good place to sneak a nap. Enter Harvey and the dinosaur.

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