Peaceful Weekend

Mule Polly hangs out with her new Colorado buddy, Uno.
Weekend chill: Mule Polly hangs out with Uno, a new friend she made in Colorado.  Yes, she shared a sip of her water. No, she didn’t share a bite of her breakfast. (Ft Collins, CO)

Mule Polly and I are taking weekend breather.  Our two week stint in Ft Collins, CO, is drawing to a close. Next week, we head for Boulder.  We plan to spend two weeks there visiting with underwriters interested in underwriting the Lost Sea Expedition on Rocky Mountain PBS. Big shout out to everyone in Ft Collins (and farther afield) that made a gift to the Lost Sea Expedition series! Have a great weekend.

Front Page Polly

Polly on the cover of the Coloradoan.
Polly: Cover Girl

Imagine two mule Polly’s staring at me today. Okay, one of them was coming from the cover of the Coloradoan Newspaper.  Yep, mule Polly made the front page of the  June 22, 2017 Coloradoan.  Her picture beat out a shooting victim and a floating body. Thanks Kevin Duggan and Austin Humphreys for the great article, video and photos.  You can read the story right here at the Coloradoan.



Cache La Poudre Feed Thanks

Ron and his daughter Sherry in front of Cache La Poudre Feeds.
Ron Treiber and his daughter Sherry in front of Cache La Poudre Feeds. Thanks for putting us up guys. Yes, Polly is sucking up to Sherry in the hopes of scoring another sample of Profile feed. I’ll be sure to buy her a bag before we leave. She’s sure worked hard pulling her wagon around Ft Collins.

Big shout out to Ron and Kathy Treiber of Ft Collins. Ron and Kathy put up mule Polly and I during our visit to town.  They own Cache La Poudre Feeds and make the Profile brand of feeds. They custom blend all their feeds and even gave mule Polly a bag of their Profile Senior. Mule Polly ate that feed with even more relish than she munched on those palms at the Bohemian Foundation. That’s saying something. Thanks Ron, Kathy and Sherry!




Young Pioneers

Two young visitors get a feel for the wagon life.
Wagon Ho! Two young visitors get a hands-on tour of the Lost Sea Expedition wagon. They’re sitting on the old cooler I use as my seat when driving mule Polly. (Ft Collins, CO)

Mule Polly and I are wrapping up our visit to the Fort Collins area.  We’ve been uptown a few times visiting with folks and even squeezed in a brewery tour. It’s been a blast! We plan to head in one final time today (Thursday, June 22). If you run across us, flag us down for a gam! I’d be happy to give you a tour of my tiny wagon world.

Meet Mule Polly: Today (June 20) Uptown Ft Collins

Polly with Oakley and Tuesday
Mule Polly likes company. Here she’s hanging with Tuesday and Oakley during an earlier jaunt in to Ft Collins. Thanks for the carrot guys. Probably the first purple one Polly has ever eaten!

Want to meet mule Polly? Uptown Fort Collins. Today (Tue) June 20. Noon. Yep Polly and I have a lunch engagement at New Belgium Brewing. Look for the yellow wagon. Hang with us. Polly says bring a carrot or some lettuce leaves or a slice of bread or a 50 lb bag of Profile Senior feed…. I’d settle for a Fat Tire.

Motorcycle Parking Only

Mule tied to post.
Mule Polly – Lawbreaker: Polly tied up outside the Bohemian Foundation. Polly and I visited the Bohemian Foundation with our wagon last week.

Mule Polly  and I are visiting Ft Collins this week. Ft Collins is a really mule friendly town with plenty of hitching posts….if you consider a “Motorcycle Parking Only” okay to tie off too. Here, a photo of mule Polly and my visit to the Bohemian Foundation.  You can read how that went right here. If you see us in town this week, flag us down for a gam!

Peaceful Colorado Sunday

Mule Polly rests outside the wagon.
Sunday scene. Ron and Kathy Treiber of  Fort Collins have been hosting mule Polly and me these past days. And inviting me to super, and doing my wash and letting me shower.   They own Cache La Poudre Feeds . Polly really likes their Senior Profile feed. Thanks Ron and Kathy.

Peaceful Colorado Sunday morning. I’ve hung up the harness for the day. Polly’s resting (background). Monday we’ll be hard at it again raising funds to bring the Lost Sea Expedition series to Rocky Mountain PBS. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for keeping up with our current trip. Enjoy the day. Bernie

Mule Polly visits Rocky Mountain PBS headquarters

It reminded me of George Clinton’s P Funk Mothership.  This week mule Polly and I visited the Rocky Mountain PBS headquarters in Denver, Colorado.   Producer Julie Speer invited me to bring Polly right in the studio back door (that’s the funky Mothership connection) Thanks for the studio tour Julie. It was a blast visiting with you guys even if it was a looooong way from the open plains and vistas covered in the Lost Sea Expedition series!

Rocky Mountain PBS logo.
The 4-part “Lost Sea Expedition” will premier on Rocky Mountain PBS later this year.