Benson Mule Days Invitation and Photos

Mule Polly in the Benson Mule Days Costume Contest
Polly and the Cro Magnon Expedition? No, she’s just hanging out with her old owner, Ronald Hudson, at Benson Mule Days in Benson, NC

Mule Polly, the Lost Sea Expedition wagon and I are spending the weekend visiting with friends at Benson Mule Days. They run from September 23 to 25. Come on down and visit with us. You can even meet Ronald Hudson, Polly’s old owner, and see what he looks like without his mask. Continue reading “Benson Mule Days Invitation and Photos”

Visit Mule Polly in Benson this Sept 22-25

Mule Polly and the Lost Sea Expedition wagon. You can visit her, and check out the wagon, at Benson Mule days. That’s September 23-25. (Benson, NC)

Hey, come visit mule Polly, me and the wagon we traveled across America in for the Lost Sea Expedition TV series. We’ll be at this week’s Benson Mule Days in Benson, NC. It runs from September 23-25.  Continue reading to see how to find us. Continue reading “Visit Mule Polly in Benson this Sept 22-25”

Creatures of the Lost Sea

This 20 foot fish swam over what is now Kansas. Meet the Lost Sea super-predator Xyphactinus (pronounced "Zi fak tin us".
This 20 foot fish swam over what is now Kansas. Meet the Lost Sea super-predator Xyphactinus – pronounced “Zi fak tin us”. (original artwork by Charlie Frye)

Millions of years ago, the Great Plains were covered by the Lost Sea. It was full of amazing creatures. Think sharks and sea turtles in Kansas.  The Xyphactinus (above) was so fierce, it was known to swallow 6-foot members of its own kind. Continue reading “Creatures of the Lost Sea”

The Lizard and George McKillip

George was 92 when I met him. He was born in a sod house and aimed to die in one. He lived alone in his sod house with only the lizards for company. I shot this scene in one long take. No special effects. Just the Lizard. George. Me. And Time.

How will you live at 92?

Learn more about George in the Lost Sea Expedition TV series.


Monday Thanks

Bernie Harberts thanks supporters with painted names
Thank you Christy and Jean and Chris and Grace and Tania and Sebastian…….

Amazing response this week with friends – some I know, some I’ve never met – donating to the Lost Sea Expedition. I painted some of their names on stuff I found around the barn. Think beech bark (Jean), creek rock (Christy), fatwood, cedar shingle and red cedar batten.  Click through for a closer look at these hand painted thank yous. Continue reading “Monday Thanks”

Thank You Beth

Bernie holds a sign he painted for donor Beth.
Thanks Beth! I painted this sign just for you. Yes, that’s real, not virtual paint.

Wow. I’m overwhelmed with how folks have stepped forward to sponsor the Lost Sea Expedition TV series! Beth was my first donor. Beth, I was so moved by your gift I went out the barn, where the wagon is stored, and painted you this thank you note.

Sign in Bernie's wagon.
Close up of Beth’s sign. Yes, the paint is real (and still wet). The green piece of metal is the wagon brake.

More pictures of my barn, wagon and how your thank you board came to be are just a click away. Continue reading “Thank You Beth”