One hundred Sixty Seven Lost Sea Expedition Thanks

A great  big thanks to the 167 folks that have reviewed the “Lost Sea Expedition” series on Amazon Prime. The 4 part TV public TV series is about the voyage I took from Canada to Mexico with my mule Polly.

Right now we (my wife Julia, me, mule Polly and our critters) are spending most of our time holed up on our farm in western North Carolina waiting for the Coronavirus pandemic to ease. Our thoughts go out to everyone who is struggling with these strange times.

We’re passing the time in simple ways. Planting a garden. Fixing roads. And yes, keeping mule Polly, star of the Lost Sea Expedition, exercised.

Julia exercising Polly of her pony Pickle. Mule Polly things she’s done enough work and would really prefer….


…hanging out under her favorite willow tree with her buddies. That’s Polly in the foreground. The dark mules beside her are Brick and Cracker who I spent 195 days last year riding from our farm in North Carolina to Idaho. The buckskin at the far right is Pickle, Julia’s haflinger.

How Your Reviews Help

Reviews and word of mouth are the #1 way to spread word of the series. If you haven’t already, it would be great if you left a review. A few words and seconds is all it takes. You can do that right here.

If you’d like to stream the series, you can do so right here on Amazon.

Or if you just want to drop us a line, mule Polly and I always like hearing from folks. You can contact us right here.


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