Keystone Gallery “Lost Sea Expedition” reunion

Bernie visits with Barbara Shelton and Chuck Bonner
Cast reunion: Mule Polly and I (center) visit with fossil hunters Barbara Shelton and Chuck Bonner. Polly and I spent time with them on our wagon voyage across America. They operate the Keystone Gallery south of Logan, KS. Barbara featured in the Lost Sea Expedition series. You can also check her out in the official Lost Sea Expedition trailer.

Call it the first Lost Sea Expedition cast reunion.  Last night mule Polly and I spent the night with Barbara Shelton and Chuck Bonner. I visited them during the wagon voyage that became the Lost Sea Expedition series.  Barbara appeared in the TV series, including the Official Trailer.  Look for her in the trailer that follows.

Check out Barbara in the Lost Sea Expedition trailer. I recorded this interview on my 14 month wagon journey across American with mule Polly. The series was filmed with gear I carried in my solar powered wagon.

Chuck and Barbara own the Keystone Gallery. The gallery features an amazing collection of fossils from the Lost Sea (aka the Western Interior Seaway). Here, a Xyphacintus that Chuck and Barbara collected from the chalk beds near their home.

While I was visiting with Chuck and Barb, I bought some really cool marine fossils from the Lost Sea.  Shell fragments, pieces of driftwood. Yes, even coprolites (aka fish turds). They’re being offered as premiums during our fundraising drive.

1949 Suburban pickeet
I’ve picketed (tied her out to eat grass) Polly on trees, posts and pilings. But never a 1949 Suburban. I’m pleased to report that I’m evolving.
Fender art. Chuck says he uses left over paint to touch up the artwork on the old Suburban. The truck’s name is Spiker.
Wood fired boiler.
Wood fired water heater. Chuck and Barb live completely off the grid. They heat water with this wood-fired stove.  The hot water rises up a pipe where…..
Shower head.
…it comes out through the shower head. The spigot above the shower head turns the water on and off. Thanks for the rain water shower guys!
King wood fired water heater
King wood fired water heater
Bernie's truck.
My faithful rig. My 1992 Dodge has towed mule Polly and the Lost Sea Expedition wagon over 1200 miles the past 4 days. I hope to end the week in the Fort Collins, CO area. So far, the transmission is holding up fine. Thanks mechanic Ed Hedrick.

Hey is sure was great visiting again with you Chuck and Barb! For all you travelers and fossil collectors out there, be sure to look up Chuck and Barb and the amazing Keystone Gallery.

Mule Polly and I continue west toward Colorado in our truck and trailer. We plan to spend the next two months raising funds to bring the Lost Sea Expedition series up to Public TV specs. The series has been selected to premier on Rocky Mountain PBS.

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